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37.5" EPP MX2 ARF



EPP MX2 made by Winners Model. This is a nice flying fun 37 1/2" ARF. Made from EPP and stiffened with carbon fiber and light ply. Incorporates a full fuse design with magnetic canopy.



WM Extra EPP

WING SPAN:  37.5"  (955mm)

LENGTH:  37"  (945mm)

WING AREA:  236.2sq in  (15.2sq dm)

FLYING WEIGHT:  Aprox. 15-18oz.  (425-510g) - Plus Battery

MOTOR150-200 Watt Outrunner (Try the 2835-10 or 2835-8)

ESC: 18-30 Amp

BATTERY: 3-cell lipo 1100-1500 Mah

RADIO:  4CH / 4 servos


Download the Manual Here

See Build Notes Below



1.    EPP material, light-weight and crash resistant.

2.    The revolutionary design adds to the structural intensity and the rigidity of the airframe.

3.    Light-weight design provides optimal Wing loading while ensuring the strength of the airframe.

4.    The composition and the proportion are well matched to provide excellent flying characteristics, while still allowing for precision aerobatic performance and 3D maneuverability.

5.    Simple design allows for easy access and installation. And all necessary accessories are provided in the package.

6.    The color schemes are painted with new oil paint which makes the color fresher and permanent.

7.    Its small size excels at flying on a limited open space, such as park.


Video Below


37 1/2" EPP MX2 (A)


37 1/2" EPP MX2 (B)









All Products are guaranteed to be free from manufactures defects and operate as stated. Please take advantage of our guarantee if you have any problems. We also like to know how our products stack up and how you like them, so after use please drop us a line with your flight impressions. The more we know the more we can help the next guy.

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