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Fuel Components


Replacement Carbs


DLE55 carb

EME Carb for 55cc-60cc

Not Walbro

On Sale $30.00

WT 664

Wlabro Carb WT1183 EME 35


Walbro Carb HDA246

Walbro HDA-246A Carb

Use for most 60-70cc motors 

(EME 60 ARM)



Walbro HDA-246A Carb

Use for most 60-70cc motors 

(EME 70 ARM)



Walbro WJ 71 Carb

Use for most 100-130CC Motors (DLE111/EME 120)


Carb Arm, Walbro throttle arm

CNC Carb Arm - 17.75mm (3/4"), Fits over 5mm Shaft. 

$11.00 Each

EME 60 Throttle Arm






EME 70 Throttle Arm



Fuel Dots


Black Fuel Dot

Black Fuel Dot (1 3/8" Diameter)

$9.90 Each

Red Fuel Dot

Red Fuel Dot (1 3/8" Diameter)

$9.90 Each

Blue Fuel Dot (1 3/8" Diameter)

$9.90 Each


Silver (Plastic) Fuel Dot (1 3/16" Diameter)

$3.40 Each


Misc. Fuel Items


Fuel Can Fittings. Also use on 2-line Fiji Bottle

style set ups.


Fuel Tank Stopper

Rubber Fuel Tank Stopper for Gas

Can be used as 2 or three line set up.



Hand Fuel Pump

Prolux Fuel pump: compact size - comfortable feel -flow rate 18cc/sec - use with glow and gasoline. Includes filter fuel nozzle and silicon fuel tubing
Fast Fueler - Blue $16.90

Fuel Filler Nozzle w/serviceable filter

$3.00 Each

Fuel "T" with serviceable filter


1/8" ID Fuel line for 20-170CC

$1.00 Per Foot


Electric Fuel Pumps

RC Fuel Pump

Prolux 6-9V Electric Fuel Pump



CNC Machined 6061 Aluminum Fuel pump upgraded copper gears and Nitrile Butadiene rubber seals. Use 6V-18V (11.1V suggested)

Pending Production No ETA



Other items that may be of interest

Velocity Stack

All Products are guaranteed to be free from manufactures defects and operate as stated. Please take advantage of our guarantee if you have any problems. We also like to know how our products stack up and how you like them, so after use please drop us a line with your flight impressions. The more we know the more we can help the next guy.

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