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Yak 55M 30CC ARF



Gold Wing RC's Yak 55M is a great kit, Little brother to the 50CC 3D machine the 30CC 3D Gizmo boasts 1023 sq. in. wing area and 10-11 pound flying weight, 3D performance is outstanding. True to the nature of a Yak you will find IMAC or precision flight a dream as well. With true to scale canopy it is designed as single seat Yak 55 and is not just a bubbled up Yak 54 canopy. The kit offers excellent power to weight ratio with most coming in at 10-11lbs ready to fly. Gold Wing kits are assembled and designed using the latest construction methods using laser cut parts. The reward of such a fine built kit is awesome all around performance as well as second to none low lift performance when doing such things as hovering, harrier, and most other low speed high angle maneuvers. The model includes features one would expect from a far more expensive model. Of course getting it from the box to the field has never been easier. A true quick build the modeler is pleasantly surprised to find a pre-installed and plumbed gas tank, pre installed (not glued) control surfaces, pre assembled canopy, and a very nice quality hardware kit all designed to get you in the air quick.  The 30CC Yak 55M can use dual or single elevator servos. Even the most discerning model can find great performance with readily available engines such as the JC28 or DLE30.


Myths Debunked: This version of the Yak 55M has room for the DLE 30 with no firewall mods.

This airframe also has the aluminum landing gear reinforcement's.


Yak 55M 30CC Yak 55M 30CC Yak 55M 30CC Yak 55M 30CC

Yak 55M 30CC Yak 55M 30CC 30CC Yak 55M


30CC Yak 55M Gold Wing Yak 55M Yak 55M 30CC

Yak 55M Goldwing RC Yak 55M Goldwing Yak 55M

Flight Video - bottom of page


WING SPAN:  73"  (1860mm)

LENGTH:  67 1/2"  (1720mm)

WING AREA:  1023sq in  (66sq dm)

FLYING WEIGHT: 9.7 - 11lbs  (4400-5000g)

ENGINE26-35cc gas, 2000 Watt Electric, 1.10-1.40(4C), .91-1.1(2C)

RADIO:  4CH / 5-6 servos



Download the Manual


Servos: We recommend something like the HS5645, HS7985, or equivalent. Check out the economical Power HD DS-090M.


  • Latest lightweight construction with incorporating high structural strength

  • All around Quality un-herd of in this price range

  • Quick Assembly - Includes pre-hinged ailerons and elevators - Gas tank is pre-installed and plumbed

  • Complete high quality hardware - Servo Safety Clips, Fiberglass horns, 2.5mm Ball Links, One Piece 6061 T-6 Anodized Aluminum Landing Gear, Quality Rubber Wheels.

  • Two piece removable wings with carbon fiber wing tube

  • Airfoiled Tail Feathers

  • Carbon fiber tail wheel

  • Low wing loading for exceptional flight, Awesome Aerobatic and 3D flight

  • Inner cowl ring for quick building

  • Servo wire tube installed

  • Scale Canopy

  • Genuine Oracover

  • Powered Gas or Electric

  • DLE 30 fits with no mods - Makes for an absolute power house set up

  • Landing Gear is reinforced with Aluminum "L"

  • Canister Ready



Spare Canopies, Cowls, in stock - Spare CF Gear coming soon - sales@milehighrc.com


Yak 55M 30CC

Normally $399 (+35.00 Shipping)

Out Of Stock

Yak 55M

Normally $399 (+35.00 Shipping)

Out Of Stock





All Products are guaranteed to be free from manufactures defects and operate as stated. Please take advantage of our guarantee if you have any problems. We also like to know how our products stack up and how you like them, so after use please drop us a line with your flight impressions. The more we know the more we can help the next guy.

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